Oil Sump Pan

For Bmw Automatic Transmission Gearbox Sump Pan Filter Mechatronic Sleeve 7l Oil

For Bmw Automatic Transmission Gearbox Sump Pan Filter Mechatronic Sleeve 7l Oil

For Bmw Automatic Transmission Gearbox Sump Pan Filter Mechatronic Sleeve 7l Oil

A to Z Motor Spares (Wakefield). X1 Transmission Gearbox Sump Pan Filter (GASKET / SEAL IS FITTED). X7 1L MANNOL LIFEGUARD 6 TRANSMISSION OIL. The transmissions use a special non-conductive fluid.

Use of ANY other fluid can cause irreparable Damage to the transmission ECU. ATF AG55 Lifeguard 6 fluid is designed not to conduct electricity. Why Do i Need This Kit? Many people are not aware of this, but the transmission is perhaps the most intricate piece of any BMW.

It works in conjunction with other car components to handle the speedy acceleration of the BMW. The overall health of the transmission relies on two things: transmission fluid and the transmission filter. Transmission fluid provides the lubrication needed to reduce wear on the transmission, and they also help keep it from overheating.

There still is some wear and tear that can happen, and the transmission fluid itself can become contaminated with metallic particles. These particles can circulate through the system and add to the gradual deterioration of the transmission. The transmission filter serves to trap those metal bits and other abrasives before they start circulating through the transmission fluid. It is essential to see to it that both the transmission fluid and the transmission filter is given proper maintenance service. BMWs are known for having excellent transmissions but that does not mean they do not have to be serviced.

There are some warning signs that let the owner know its time to pay close attention to the transmission. Transmission fluid is red and if it starts to look brown there are some problems developing.

The smell of burnt rubber may not be coming from the tires but from the transmission, and that is a warning signal of a need for servicing. Other things can include unusual noises coming from under the hood or buzzing sounds. Overheating is a primary cause of serious transmission problems.

That is due the age of the transmission fluid; the older the fluid the lower the cooling properties of the liquid. This can result in problems when the owner is shifting gears, and is a flashing red light alerting the owner to a need for transmission service. 325 d (N57 D30 A). 330 d M57 D30 (306D3).

330 d (N57 D30 A). 330 d xDrive (N57 D30 A). 330 xd M57 D30 (306D3).

335 d M57 D30 (306D5). 325 d M57 D30 (306D3).

330 xd (N57 D30 A). 525 d M57 D25 (256D2). 525 d M57 D25 (256D1).

525 d M57 D30 (306D3). 530 d M57 D30 (306D2). 530 d M57 D30 (306D3). 530 d xDrive M57 D30 (306D3). 530 xd M57 D30 (306D3).

535 d M57 D30 (306D4). 535 d M57 D30 (306D5). 540 i (N54 B30 A). 540 i (N62 B40 A). 545 i (N62 B44 A).

550 i (N62 B48 A). 525 d (M57N 256 D4). 550 i (N62 B48 B). 635 d M57 D30 (306D5). 645 Ci (N62 B44 A).

650 i (N62 B48 B). BMW 7 (E65, E66, E67). 730 d M57 D30 (306D2). 730 Ld M57 D30 (306D3).

735 i (N62 B40 A). 735 i, Li (N62 B36 A).

740 d M67 D39 (398D1). 745 i, Li (N62 B44 A). 750 i, Li (N62 B48 B). 760 i, Li (N73 B60 A). BMW 7 (F01, F02, F03, F04).

730 d (N57 D30 A). 740 d (N57 D30 B). 750 i (N63 B44 A).

750 i xDrive (N63 B44 B). 3.0 d M57 D30 (306D2).

3.0 d M57 D30 (306D3). 3.0 sd M57 D30 (306D5). 4.8 i xDrive (N62 B48 B). XDrive 30 d (N57 D30 A).

XDrive 35 d M57 D30 (306D5). XDrive 48 i (N62 B48 B). 30 d M57 D30 (306D3). 35 d M57 D30 (306D5). 50 i (N63 B44 A).


THIS WILL AVOID ANY DISAPPOINTMENT OF. We make every effort to deliver goods within the estimated timescale. However delays are occasionally inevitable due to unforeseen circumstances. We recommend you do not book your vehicle in for any repairs until you physically have the part to save on any disappointment caused by delays. Azcarparts Wakefield will be under no liability for any costs on damages or expenses caused by any delays. The item "FOR BMW AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION GEARBOX SUMP PAN FILTER MECHATRONIC SLEEVE 7L OIL" is in sale since Monday, November 16, 2015. This item is in the category "Vehicle Parts & Accessories\Car Parts\Transmission & Drivetrain\Gearboxes & Gearbox Parts".

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  • EAN: Does not apply
  • Brand: OE QUALITY (Germany)
  • Manufacturer Part Number: Does Not Apply
  • To Fit Following BMW ZF Gearbox: 6HP26 | 6HP26X | 6HP28 | 6HP28X
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Germany
  • Other Part Number: V20-2088
  • Reference OE/OEM Number: 24 11 0 403 404
  • Type: Automatic Gearbox Part
  • Brand Type: Aftermarket Branded

For Bmw Automatic Transmission Gearbox Sump Pan Filter Mechatronic Sleeve 7l Oil